Social and Racial Equity

Though an equity lens is applied to all sections of the General Plan, there are specific strategies to apply social and racial equity priorities into City programs and procedures.

The goals below are related to this topic. Select a goal to learn more about the policies and actions South San Francisco will implement to meet that goal.



Equitable Community Services


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Goal ECS-1

Goal ECS-1:

All residents are engaged in decisions that impact their lives.


To advance equity in City decision-making processes.
Policy ECS-1.1: Enhance language accessibility for City processes.
Enhance language accessibility and public participation for all City meetings and processes.
  • Action ECS-1.1.1: Hire multilingual staff.
    Hire staff who speak multiple languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tagalog.
  • Action ECS-1.1.2: Create multilingual hub.
    Create a centralized and multilingual online hub that aggregates all public resources and services available for all residents. Include resources and services offered by the City, County, State, local non-profits, and other agencies.  

Policy ECS-1.2: Provide live multilingual interpretation.
Provide simultaneous multilingual interpretation at community meetings and translate all meeting materials into Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Tagalog. Incorporate participatory facilitation techniques at all public meetings.
Policy ECS-1.3: Establish equitable engagement practices.
Engage community members most impacted by racial and social inequities, including youth of color, in South San Francisco.
  • Action ECS-1.3.1: Provide navigation of City services.
    Recruit and hire diverse promotores and community navigators who can provide culturally and linguistically responsive navigation of City services, resources, and public input opportunities to low-income residents and residents of color. 
  • Action ECS-1.3.2: Create partnerships to improve outreach.
    Partner with local organizations and institutions, such as churches and community-based organizations, to increase outreach opportunities. 
  • Action ECS-1.3.3: Develop ongoing feedback portal.
    Develop an online, multilingual portal where residents can provide feedback on an ongoing basis regarding the General Plan, City services, and other needs and barriers that the City may be able to address.

Policy ECS-1.4: Engage Youth Commission.
Engage the South San Francisco Youth Commission to increase youth residents’ influence on policy and decision-making.
Policy ECS-1.5: Maintain diversity in boards and commissions.
Recruit adult community members most impacted by racial and social inequities to serve on the City’s boards and commissions. Seek to ensure that the City’s boards and commissions reflect the rich diversity of South San Francisco.
Policy ECS-1.6: Continue ongoing community meetings.
Hold community meetings and focus groups to gather community input into City decision-making processes. Locate these community meetings in locations and at times that are convenient for community members. Provide and promote opportunities for low- or no-cost meeting rooms in City facilities for community groups and local organizations as incentives for strengthening community engagement.
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