Preferred Alternative

Developing and Refining Alternatives

During July and August 2020, the City of South San Francisco hosted a series of community meetings to evaluate Vision  statements and three alternatives for four planning sub-areas in the City. The Vision statements, informed by existing conditions analysis and community engagement activities, establish a vision for South San Francisco in 2040. The purpose of the alternatives evaluation is for the community and the planning team to assess trade-offs (related to population growth, employment growth, mobility, social equity, community design and more) and identify which alternative (or combination of alternatives) best fulfills the community’s Vision. Following this stage of evaluating the three alternatives, the planning team finalized a preferred alternative in September 2020.

We Want to Hear From You!

At this stage of the Alternatives process, we would like for you to provide feedback on the preferred land use alternative maps and vision and guiding policy, and future policy and implementation actions. These updated alternatives were shaped by what we heard from the community, Community Advisory Committee, Planning Commission, and City Council, and we look forward to receiving more input.

Please provide feedback directly on the document below by Friday November 6, 2020. We will review your feedback very carefully and use it to develop policy and zoning solutions on a range of topics from land use, transportation, parks, community design, health and more.

Workshops/ TalleresDate/ FechaPresentation/ PresentacionesRecording/ GrabacionesSummary
Communitywide Workshop10/20/2020English, EspañolEnglish, EspañolEnglish
Planning Commission Meeting10/22/2020EnglishEnglish, Español
City Council Meeting11/18/2020EnglishEnglish


This packet provides a city-wide and four sub-area overview of Vision and Guiding Principles, Preferred Alternatives, and Policies and Implementation Actions.

  • Vision and Guiding Principles that the implemented preferred alternative will achieve over the General Plan Horizon
  • Preferred Alternative that shows future land use
  • Policies and Implementation Actions that will be studied in greater detail later in the process

Other sub-areas are not presented in this packet because achieving the community’s Visions for these sub-areas may not require significant change from current conditions.


Este paquete proporciona una descripción general de la visión y los principios rectores, las alternativas preferidas y las políticas y las acciones de implementación para toda la ciudad y cuatro subáreas.

  • Visión y Principios Rectores que alcanzará la alternativa preferida implementada sobre el Horizonte del Plan General
  • Alternativa preferida que muestra el uso futuro de la tierra
  • Políticas y acciones de implementación que se estudiarán con mayor detalle más adelante en el proceso

Otras subáreas no se presentan en este paquete porque el logro de las Visiones de la comunidad para estas subáreas puede no requerir un cambio significativo de las condiciones actuales.