Lindenville Specific Plan

Livable Lindenville: A Vibrant and Inclusive Neighborhood for All

The Lindenville Specific Plan will be the guiding document to help realize the General Plan's vision for the area as a mixed-use neighborhood, employment hub, and cultural center of South San Francisco. Walkable, connected districts, including the South Spruce corridor, are envisioned as lively destinations where people have easy access to retail, parks, and other community resources. The Plan will preserve the city's industrial heritage but will also provide new opportunities for people to live in the district. A revitalized Colma Creek has the potential to become a community-serving linear park with restored ecology that benefits the health and wellbeing of people and wildlife.

Project Goals

  • Center the voices of people who will live, work, own property, and recreate in Lindenville.
  • Prepare a shared plan for achieving a successful, equitable, and resilient district through design standards, community benefits, and provision of public amenities and services.
  • Retain existing industrial uses, while ensuring new neighborhoods are livable, healthy, quiet, and green.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions videos above provide an introduction to the Lindenville Specific Plan process and the Specific Plan's relationship to the South San Francisco General Plan. The video is available in English and Spanish.

Plan Timeline

Existing Conditions and SWOT Report

Summer 2022

Exploring existing conditions in Lindenville to understand current trends and to determine potential key issues and opportunities.


Summer - Fall 2022

Developing land use, mobility, open space, and urban design alternatives present distinct approaches for accommodating new residential and mixed uses while still supporting current uses.

Preferred Plan

Fall 2022

Building on community and City feedback, the Preferred Plan will synthesize initial alternatives into a single plan for Lindenville.

Technical Analysis

Summer 2022 - Winter 2023

Technical analysis of the Preferred Plan will cover a range of topic areas, such as sea level rise, traffic impacts, economics, and many more.

Specific Plan Development

Winter - Summer 2023

The Draft Specific Plan that buildings off of the community input and technical analysis will be developed and published for public review.


Summer 2023

The Final Specific Plan will be presented to City Council and Planning Commission for adoption!


How to

Get Involved

Our outreach plan offers a range of opportunities for your thoughts to be shared and heard. the project kicked off in the summer of 2022 and will conclude in the summer of 2023.

To get involved, please: 

  • Continue to visit this interactive website for upcoming events and project updates
  • Join the project mailing list, available below
  • Complete a community survey (digital and hardcopy)
  • Participate in a community workshop or pop-up event

The Lindenville Specific Plan is a first step in implementing the South San Francisco General Plan Update. Join us in creating a plan for Lindenville!

Land use Alternatives

The Lindenville Specific Plan will guide the implementation of the General Plan’s vision for the area as a mixed use neighborhood, employment hub, and cultural center of South San Francisco. Alternatives test land use and urban design patterns within the city to understand the trade-offs between different big policy questions, like where to place residential and commercial uses in Lindenville. Each alternative uses a “kit of parts” approach. Elements of each “kit” can be mixed and matched to form an alternative. Each kit includes both physical design strategies and policies / programs. The kit includes mixed-use residential, industrial, arts & makers, life sciences, blue-green infrastructure, and mobility. Using the kit of parts, three urban design alternatives were developed to test different ideas.

  • Alternative 1: Like the vision set by the General Plan, this alternative balances land uses. It concentrates new mixed use residential along Colma Creek, creates a transitional industrial area between new mixed use residential and the industrial area, and incorporates an arts and makers area. Most of the existing industrial area south of Victory Avenue as well as east of the Caltrain tracks remains. Open spaces are co-located with stormwater improvements adjacent to Colma Creek, with other open spaces added opportunistically with new development.
  • Alternative 2: This alternative illustrates a larger area of land devoted to mixed use residential, allowing a broader mix of housing prototypes than Alternative 1, with additional complementary blue-green infrastructure and mobility improvements. The Arts and Makers Area centers on South Linden Avenue, becoming a key connection between Downtown and the San Bruno BART station. Colma Creek extends south and allows for it to be naturalized and widened between South Spruce and the Caltrain tracks. A linear park extends southwest from Colma Creek establishing new open space, active transportation, and stormwater management opportunities.
  • Alternative 3: This alternative transforms a yet larger area to mixed use residential uses allowing a broader mix of housing prototypes (townhomes to mass timber buildings). Like Alternative 2, the Arts and Makers Area centers on South Linden Avenue. Colma Creek has been further expanded, this time toward the north, allowing for a naturalized and widened feature that can double as publicly-accessible open space. A linear park extends southwest to connect the Centennial Trail with Colma Creek.

Online Survey

Everyone has a role to play in determining the future of Lindenville! We want to center the voices of the community that works and plays in and around Lindenville. We encourage you to review materials related to the Alternatives, including presentations, slide decks, and boards from recent community engagement activities. These materials will be posted on this page and on the Plan Feedback page.

The online survey is now closed, thank you to all who provided your feedback! The results will be available soon.

Community Engagement Activites

From December to February 2023, the Land Use Alternatives were reviewed by the community, technical experts, and City staff. Results from community engagement and the technical analysis were presented to City Council in February. City Council reviewed the Land Use Alternatives and selected a Preferred Alternative that will be incorporated into the final Lindenville Specific Plan.

  • Future meetings and events to be announced soon!