Our Vision For The Future

Shape SSF 2040 presents our community’s vision for South San Francisco for the next two decades. The General Plan provides a roadmap for the City to implement policies and actions that create a resilient community, improve the quality of life of its residents, and expand economic development opportunities. The development of this plan has been guided by an overarching vision, a set of community values, and guiding principles that were shaped through community input.


South San Francisco is a place where everyone can thrive. Its high quality of life, diverse and inclusive community, livable neighborhoods and excellent services, culture of innovation, and environmental leadership ensure all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Throughout the General Plan process, community members identified many shared values and beliefs. These cross-cutting community values include: diversity and inclusion, livability, sustainability, and innovation. While each guiding principle, goal, policy, and action outlines what the city wants to achieve and plans to do, these values describe how future actions should be implemented.

Diversity + Inclusion

We celebrate our diversity. We proactively promote diversity and inclusion for all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, religions, and cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. We strive to ensure equitable access to services and resources for all, build collaborative partnerships, and promote civic engagement.


We cherish our high quality of life. Residents of all ages, income levels, and abilities are able to comfortably live in a variety of housing options and can easily access quality parks, recreational facilities, libraries, and community services. We can travel via safe and reliable transportation options, including walking, biking, and public transit.


We strive to build and maintain a healthy and safe city. Our actions reduce climate pollution, adapt to climate disruptions, preserve natural resources, foster a prosperous and just economy, and meet the needs of current and future generations to ensure all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


We encourage innovation, creative thinking, and state-of-the art solutions. We pilot new tools and technologies and forge public-private partnerships that improve the well-being of residents and the efficiency of City operations and businesses.

Guiding Principles

The City of South San Francisco ensures a high quality of life for all residents by providing a diverse supply of housing affordable to all income levels. The City promotes housing options for households with distinct needs, including multigenerational families, empty nesters, and younger and older adults. The City of South San Francisco encourages new housing production while also preserving affordable housing and protecting vulnerable residents from housing instability and displacement. The City guides new housing into complete neighborhoods with access to retail and services, parks and open space, community services, and transit. In promoting the production of new housing, the city will make progress to achieving a better balance of jobs and housing. The City of South Francisco enhances the safety and aesthetics of its neighborhoods.