Our Plan to Get There


  • This chapter describes actions to implement the goals and policies of Shape SSF 2040. Generally, implementation actions are needed to direct City staff and decision makers to execute specific policies within the General Plan, such as creating an ordinance or updating a master plan. Shape SSF 2040 will be implemented over an extended period of time - estimated to be 20 years with a time horizon of 2040. During this time, long-range planning efforts will continue using the goals and policies in the General Plan as a guide.

  • Although the General Plan is a living document, State law allows it to be updated and refined over the coming decades. It encourages annual review of implementation actions and recommends that the entire General Plan be thoroughly reviewed every five years to ensure that it is still consistent with the community’s goals. The General Plan may be amended up to four times per year to accommodate changing conditions. The below section on statutory requirements provides more detailed information on recent State laws impacting the General Plan.

  • This implementation chapter includes programmatic actions to be completed by the City, such as updating plans, completing studies, or implementing new programs. At the end of this chapter, there is a matrix that identifies the responsible City Departments, a level of priority (high, medium, or low), and a suggested time frame for each implementation program.

Implementation Actions Approach

  • Since Shape SSF 2040 is South San Francisco’s guiding vision and blueprint for the next twenty years, the City seeks to ensure that all residents are aware of its implementation. To achieve this goal, the City will proactively adopt strategies to advance transparency and accountability during the General Plan’s implementation, including maintaining a General Plan website, ShapeSSF.com, which will track achievement of General Plan milestones. The City has developed an open data portal and will update the General Plan’s performance metrics on an annual basis on the General Plan website to continue to track the implementation process and ensure equitable outcomes. Moreover, as part of the Mayor’s annual Town Hall meeting, the Mayor will update residents on progress of the General Plan’s implementation.

  • Internally, the City will develop a cross-departmental team of City staff members that meet quarterly to implement Shape SSF 2040. This implementation team will be responsible for coordinating efforts to execute implementation actions and to provide updates to the City Manager’s Office. On an annual basis, the City Manager’s Office will publish an annual staff report on the City’s progress to towards achieving the goals, policies, and actions of the General Plan, and they will share these reports with the Planning Commission, City Council, and other interested stakeholders.

City hall

Implementation Actions Matrix

The implementation action matrix identifies the programs, policy updates, planning and coordination efforts, and other actions that will help implement the vision, goals, and policies of Shape SSF 2040.

Performance Metrics

To support with the implementation of Shape SSF 2020, over 50 performance metrics and targets were selected to measure the City’s progress toward achieving the General Plan’s goals. Each chapter of the General Plan contains several performance metrics that were tailored to each individual chapter’s goals gathered through the community engagement process. This section presents all of these performance metrics in one location and organizes them by the General Plan’s parts and chapters. For more information on a specific performance metric, including the baseline or existing condition data, please refer to that metric’s corresponding chapter.