Our Plan

The introductory chapters of South San Francisco’s General Plan begin with the Vision, Core Values, and Guiding Principles that have guided the development of this Plan. They also provide a brief history of the City and an overview of the General Plan Update process.

South San Francisco The Industrial City hillside sign

Our Vision for the Future

ShapeSSF 2040 presents our community’s vision for South San Francisco for the next two decades. The General Plan provides a roadmap for the City to implement policies and actions that create a resilient community, improve the quality of life of its residents, and expand economic development opportunities. The development of this plan has been guided by an overarching vision, a set of community values, and guiding principles that were shaped through community input.

Our Story

South San Francisco’s regional setting, local features, and history have impacted the community’s development and has set the stage for the future of the city.

South San Francisco City Hall
A wall of notecards with citizens big ideas for South San Fancisco

Our Conversation

Throughout the General Plan Update process, the planning team conducted a variety of engagement activities that included public workshops, neighborhood meetings, pop-up events, focus groups, and commission and committee meetings. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic occurring midway through the planning process, community engagement events shifted to online meeting platforms and used the interactive surveys and features of the project website. Whenever possible, meetings and materials were available in a bilingual (Spanish/English) format.

Our Plan

Shape SSF 2040 is a forward-looking blueprint for the city’s vision through the year 2040. The goals, policies, and actions in Shape SSF 2040 serve as a compass for decision-makers and shape future plans, ordinances, and initiatives of the City. The General Plan elements are grouped into five overarching parts: Our Plan, Our Place, Our People, Our Environment, and Our Plan to Get There.

Aerial Map of South San Francisco at Shape SSF workshop