Our Place

Our Place contains elements that focus on the built environment of South San Francisco.

Vehicles moving down a city street

Land Use and Community Design

The Land Use and Community Design Element establishes the citywide pattern, scale, and character of residential, office, industrial, retail and services, recreation, public, and all other land uses throughout the City of South San Francisco.


The Sub-Areas Element augments citywide goals and policies and provides policies and implementation actions specific to South San Francisco’s unique sub-areas. The Element establishes a detailed range of policies related to housing, employment, public realm, connectivity, and more.

Historical map of South San Francisco

Housing (Coming Soon)

The Housing Element is the primary planning guide to meet the current and future housing needs of everyone in South San Francisco. It outlines goals, policies, and programs to meet these needs while balancing other community objectives and resources. Housing Elements are intended to support various housing types for all income groups, help develop lower and moderate-income housing, remove constraints to housing, conserve and improve existing housing, and promote fair housing opportunities.

A Prosperous Economy For All

The Economic Development Element contains policies and actions to support the local economy by retaining and growing thriving sectors, expanding in emerging industries, supporting small local businesses, and creating pathways to economic opportunity to the city’s residents.

Cars lining the street in front of several storefronts
People waiting in line to enter a city bus headed for Glen Park

Mobility and Access

Mobility and Access improves the mobility of people throughout the city. The Mobility Element establishes the transportation framework for active transportation (walking and biking), transit ridership, and auto travel.

Abundant Parks and Recreation

As the city grows and the recreational needs of its residents evolve, the policies and actions within this element protect the spaces and services the community already enjoys while expanding the breadth of service of the City’s parks, trails, and recreation services.

People walking through a field of grass