Our Environment

Our Environment contains elements that focus on the natural environment and environmental aspects that affect South San Francisco’s natural environment.

A bus that says "Renewable Deisel" on front of a building


To avoid catastrophic climate change impacts, the City affirms its commitment to combat climate change and continues to take action to attain State greenhouse gas reduction targets. The Climate Protection Element includes comprehensive approaches to reduce greenhouse gases through clean and active transportation systems, fossil-fuel free energy systems, decarbonized buildings, and zero waste solutions.


As South San Francisco grows, the City will foster urban ecology in South San Francisco through open space planning and connectivity, habitat diversity, urban forestry, planting and vegetation, and land and vegetation management. Additionally, the City will protect important cultural resources, including historic architectural, tribal cultural, and archaeological resources through identification, preservation, and education initiatives.

A bridge next to a walkway lined with flowers
Close-up of South San Francisco sign in front of a walkway


The Noise Element ensures compliance with State requirements and promotes a program of achieving acceptable noise levels throughout South San Francisco.