New and Existing Buildings

South San Francisco intends to enhance the efficiency and resiliency of its new and existing buildings.

The goals below are related to this topic. Select a goal to learn more about the policies and actions South San Francisco will implement to meet that goal.



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Goal CHEJ-6

Goal CHEJ-6:

Low-income residents have access to safe housing and shelter throughout South San Francisco.


To enhance the quality of existing affordable housing and to expand housing opportunities and services for residents experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity.
Policy CHEJ-6.1: Strengthen programs to maintain a safe and sanitary supply of affordable housing.
Strengthen programs to maintain a safe and sanitary supply of affordable housing.
  • Action CHEJ-6.1.1: Continue working with San Mateo Fall Prevention Task Force.
    Continue working with San Mateo Fall Prevention Task Force in creating safer homes for older adults.
  • Action CHEJ-6.1.2: Establish lead and asbestos removal program.
    In cooperation with San Mateo County and other regional agencies, establish a lead-based paint and asbestos removal program for affordable housing units built before 1980.

Policy CHEJ-6.2: Enforce housing maintenance and building codes safety.
Enforce applicable provisions of the housing and building codes. Where implementation of applicable provisions may result in housing displacement, identify opportunities to ensure residents remain housed. Expand maintenance and abatement assistance programs for single (including mobile homes) and multi-family properties of low-income households. Support programs designed to rehabilitate deteriorated units through weatherization, modernization, and elimination of common home pollutants.
Policy CHEJ-6.3: Track HUD inspections.
Track and address annual United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD) inspections of publicly subsidized housing units.
Policy CHEJ-6.4: Strengthen programs to provide housing and services for unhoused residents.
Strengthen programs to provide housing opportunities and services for unhoused residents, including safe restrooms, permanent supportive housing, and services..
  • Action CHEJ-6.4.1: Provide safe restroom facilities.
    Provide mobile shower, bathroom, and needle exchange sites and facilities for unhoused residents.
  • Action CHEJ-6.4.2: Implement permanent supportive housing.
    Implement the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Housing First program once permanent supportive housing is available within the city.
  • Action CHEJ-6.4.3: Provide services for unhoused families.
    Work with homeless service providers to prioritize legal help, housing assistance, and other social services for unhoused families in South San Francisco.

Policy CHEJ-6.5: Partner with the local shelters.
Continue to partner with the local shelter to provide cots for emergency shelter situations, including extreme heat and cold days.
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