The City aims to provide a diversity of safe and convenient mobility options for all users in an equitable manner.

The goals below are related to this topic. Select a goal to learn more about the policies and actions South San Francisco will implement to meet that goal.



Mobility and Access


Community Health and Environmental Justice


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A Prosperous Economy For All


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Goal MOB-1

Goal MOB-1:

South San Francisco prioritizes safety in all aspects of transportation planning and engineering.


To advance the Vision Zero goal of zero traffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets by 2025 (Resolution 40-2021).
Policy MOB-1.1: Use a systemic safety approach to proactively identify and address safety risks.
  • Action MOB 1.1.1: Develop a Vision Zero Action Plan.
    Develop and implement a Vision Zero Action Plan that incorporates a prioritization approach for the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and maintenance response process and identifies safety countermeasures to incorporate into all development projects and capital improvements.
Policy MOB-1.2: Strive to reduce vehicle speeds throughout the city to reduce the frequency and severity of collisions.
  • Action MOB 1.2.1: Incorporate traffic calming.
    Incorporate traffic calming treatments into all street projects to support lower design speeds.
  • Action MOB 1.2.2: Evaluate reducing speed limits.
    Evaluate reducing speed limits on the city’s high injury network, transit priority streets, school areas, and other streets with high concentrations of vulnerable street users.
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