Measuring Progress

To support with the implementation of Shape SSF 2040, over 50 performance metrics and targets were selected to measure the City’s progress toward achieving the General Plan’s goals. Each chapter of the General Plan contains several performance metrics that were tailored to each individual chapter’s goals gathered through the community engagement process. This section presents all of these performance metrics in one location and organizes them by the General Plan’s parts and chapters. For more information on a specific performance metric, including the baseline or existing condition data, please refer to that metric’s corresponding chapter.

Performance Metrics

Land Use

Element: Land Use

Performance MetricTargetData SourceDepartment ResponsibleData
Housing near transitIncrease in the number of housing units within a half-mile radius of BART and Caltrain stations and other high-quality public transit serviceCounty Assessor DataPlanning Division (ECD)2021 Data:1498 Dwelling Units Within 10 Mins. (Half Mile) to High Quality Transit.
Building square footage of industrial, research and development (R&D), and office usesStable or increasing supply of building square footage for employment usesCounty Assessor DataPlanning Division (ECD)2021 Data:27,003,540 Square Feet
Increasing the number of housing units by permitting housing at low, moderate, and above-moderate income levelsMeet all current and future Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) targetsAnnual Reports to HCDPlanning Division (ECD)2023-2031 target date progress:
0% completed
Complete neighborhoods, where residents can reach community amenities (e.g., grocery stores and retail), public facilities (e.g., parks and community centers) and services (e.g., health care and affordable childcare) within a 20-minute walkAll residences are within a
complete neighborhood
City of South San Francisco (2019); County of San Mateo (2019); Urban Footprint (2021); ESRI (2021).

Economic Development
Equitable Community Services
Community Health and Environmental Justice
Community Resilience
Climate Protection
Environmental and Cultural Stewardship