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The Lindenville sub-area is located in the central southern portion of the city, adjacent to the Downtown sub-area. It is in between Highway 101 and South Spruce Ave. The sub-area stretches over 400 acres and is largely comprised of manufacturing, food processing, warehousing, and other industrial uses, including some of the City’s historic “legacy” businesses, such as Produce Terminal and Bimbo Bakeries. The Southline Specific Plan area, adjacent to the San Bruno BART station, is also included in the Lindenville sub-area. As of 2021, Lindenville does not have residential units or park acreage.

The General Plan preserves small businesses and industrial uses while also creating a vibrant and inclusive neighborhood where all people can thrive. The General Plan allows Lindenville to strengthen its economic base, which includes a large number of small businesses and a high share of jobs in industry sectors, by retaining a large portion of its land area for service, transportation, and industrial uses. These non-residential areas may also provide opportunities for arts and the creative economy to continue growing and expanding in South San Francisco.

Building on the transformation of Colma Creek into a walkable public amenity, the General Plan creates a new residential neighborhood in the northern part of this sub-area, north of Victory Avenue. At the present, this area is primarily occupied by warehousing and other industrial uses. Providing opportunities to live in Lindenville will support a sustainable and thriving Downtown and advance City goals to add a broad range of new housing for different income levels.

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Accommodating new residential growth outside of existing residential neighborhoods will also minimize visual, noise, and transportation impacts on existing residents. The General Plan supports the well-being of new Lindenville residents by providing convenient access to new parks and gathering spaces, neighborhood-serving retail and amenities, and public services. Edge conditions are particularly important in Lindenville. This area is adjacent to the Downtown and Orange Park sub-areas, so the scale of development transitions from medium densities south of Railroad Avenue to higher densities adjacent to Colma Creek.

Vision Statement

Lindenville is a vibrant and inclusive neighborhood that maintains a base of job opportunities, promotes the creative economy, and creates a new residential neighborhood where all people can thrive.

Goal SA-22

Goal SA-22:

A new residential neighborhood centered along Colma Creek within a short walk of Downtown amenities and services that provides a range of housing types for different income levels and housing types.


To provide opportunities for everyone to live and access services in Lindenville.

Policy SA-22.1: Introduce a mix of affordable and market rate housing in Lindenville.
  • Action SA-22.1.1: Develop Lindenville master or specific plan.

    Develop a master plan or specific plan for new mixed use neighborhoods in Lindenville.

  • Action SA-22.1.2: Designate residential priority sites.

    Designate residential priority sites, which require a specific amount of future development projects be dedicated to residential land uses.

  • Action SA-22.1.3: Require context-sensitive design.

    Require context-sensitive design for new buildings developed along Colma Creek, such as height step backs and building setbacks.

Policy SA-22.2: Encourage lot assembly to facilitate housing and mixed use development in Lindenville.

Encourage the assemblage of adjacent parcels by providing greater development incentives for master planned redevelopment in areas of Lindenville transitioning to residential or mixed use development than would be available for development on a parcel-by-parcel basis.

Policy SA-22.3: Golden Gate Produce Terminal and Park ‘N Fly sites.

Encourage parcel assemblage of the Park ‘N Fly site (160 Produce Avenue) and the Golden Gate Produce Terminal site (131 Terminal Court) and encourage developers to create a master plan for development on the combined parcels.

Policy SA-22.4: Placemaking and infrastructure improvements in areas to be developed with residential uses.

Prioritize placemaking and infrastructure improvements in areas that currently have non-residential uses that have Medium Density Mixed Use or High Density Mixed Use designations.

Policy SA-22.5: Require buffering of residential uses in Lindenville.

Ensure residential land uses are buffered from heavy industrial uses and major roadways via landscaping, street trees, and attractive fences and walls.

Policy SA-22.6: Require small block sizes for new residential neighborhoods.

Where possible, ensure the new residential neighborhood near Colma Creek is developed with small block sizes to facilitate convenient vehicular and pedestrian connections through the neighborhood.

Policy SA-22.7: Adequate public services in Lindenville.

Coordinate with the South San Francisco Unified School District and City public services, including the Fire Department and the Police Department, to ensure public services can accommodate growth impacts of this new development in Lindenville.

Policy SA-22.8: Implement the Lindenville Specific Plan.

Implement the Lindenville Specific Plan and update as necessary.

Goal SA-23
Goal SA-24
Goal SA-25
Goal SA-26
Goal SA-27
Goal SA-28
See the Lindenville Specific Plan for more goals and policies related to Lindenville.

Other goals related to Lindenville in other Elements include the following:

  • Policy CR-2.3: Green infrastructure to reduce flooding.
  • Policy CR-3.1: Colma Creek adaptation solutions.
  • Policy PR-2.6: Plan for new parks in East of 101 and Lindenville.
  • Policy PR-4.7: Publicly accessible, private open space.
  • Policy PR-9.3 Expand childcare options.
  • Goal LU-1: Create complete neighborhoods, where residents can access most of their everyday needs within a short walk, bike, or transit trip.
  • Policy LU-1.7: Create new Lindenville and East of 101 mixed use neighborhoods.
  • Goal LU-6: Opportunities for industrial uses to thrive in Lindenville and East of 101.
  • Action LU-9.1.2: Form-based codes.