Our Plan

The Land Use and Community Design Element establishes the citywide pattern, scale, and character of residential, office, industrial, retail and services, recreation, public, and all other land uses throughout the City of South San Francisco.

Key Outcomes

  • A strong local economy that offers a diversity of employment opportunities for current and future residents and enhances the fiscal sustainability of the city.
  • A diverse supply of housing types affordable to different income levels and household compositions that promote a high quality of life for all residents.
  • An attractive community with a public realm that fosters activity and social interaction and celebrates South San Francisco’s history and culture.Residents, employees, and visitors enjoy quality amenities and have convenient and equitable access to services, jobs, public facilities, and transportation infrastructure throughout the city.
  • A sustainable and resilient built environment that promotes equity and positive health outcomes.


Jobs/housing balance

Square footage of usable area for industrial uses

Housing near transit


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Our Plan

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