Goal SA-8

Goal SA-8:

A range of housing types are produced for different income levels and household types along El Camino Real and throughout the corridor.


To produce a diversity of housing types along El Camino Real.

Policy SA-8.1: Housing diversity on El Camino Real.

Ensure a mix of affordable and market rate housing on El Camino, targeting the creation of 5,000housing units.

  • Action SA-8.1.1: Remove ground floor retail requirement.

    Update the Zoning Ordinance to remove ground floor retail requirement along the corridor to allow for residential-only buildings with a focus on active ground-floor uses and design.

Policy SA-8.2: Develop high-density housing.

Develop high-density housing on sites designated as Urban Residential, which emphasizes higher-density, multifamily residential development.

Policy SA-8.3: Encourage parcel aggregation along El Camino Real.

Encourage flexibility in allowing non-residential developers to aggregate parcels.

Policy SA-8.4: Inclusionary housing along El Camino Real.

Encourage developers along El Camino Real to use State and City inclusionary housing programs to develop housing for different income levels and household groups.

Policy SA-8.5: Leverage publicly-owned land along El Camino Real.

Leverage publicly-owned land for future affordable housing development.

  • Action SA-8.5.1: Facilitate affordable housing development on the Municipal Services Building site.

    Facilitate development of affordable housing with community-serving amenities, such as open space or recreational facilities, on the Municipal Services Building site.