Goal SA-7

Goal SA-7:

Airport Boulevard is improved as a gateway to the city.

Policy SA-7.1: Encourage a mix of uses on Airport Boulevard.

Promote retail, housing opportunities, hotels, and amenities along Airport Boulevard.

Policy SA-7.2: Encourage active ground floor uses.

Encourage active ground floor uses along Airport Boulevard in order to foster pedestrian activity along the corridor.

Policy SA-7.3: Require context-sensitive design.

Require context-sensitive design for new buildings along Airport Boulevard, including height transitions, rear setbacks, and use of visual buffers (e.g., landscaping, fencing) to provide appropriate transitions between new buildings and existing residential uses.

Policy SA-7.4: Continue to recognize Gimbal’s/Berrata Foods as a legacy use.

Recognize Gimbal’s/Berrata Foods as a legacy use; permit it as a conforming use, allowing for expansion and contraction as necessary. If in the future Gimbal’s/Berrata Foods stops operation at this site, require any new uses or new development of the site to be in conformance with the Low Density Mixed Use Designation, and sensitive to the residential uses to the north.

Policy SA-7.5: Improve Airport Boulevard streetscape

Improve the streetscape along Airport Boulevard by incorporating seating, lighting, street trees, and other street furniture through the adoption of design guidelines.