Goal SA-5

Goal SA-5:

New improvements are focused on Grand Avenue and Linden Avenue to restore these historic corridors to once again being the focus of the community.


To strengthen and enhance  the public realm of Grand and Linden Avenues.

Policy SA-5.1: Improve Downtown pedestrian and bicycle network.

Construct safe, comfortable, and accessible pedestrian and bicycle facilities that invite people of all ages and abilities to access Downtown amenities and services, Caltrain, Colma Creek and employment in East of 101 and Lindenville through techniques such as sidewalk bulbing, lighting improvements, and signage.

Policy SA-5.2: Maintain Downtown properties and businesses.

Support property and business owners along Grand Avenue and Linden Avenue in efforts to maintain buildings and upkeep façades, respectively. 

  • Action SA-5.2.1: Support Downtown business upkeep and maintenance.

    Develop a mechanism, such as a business improvement district or similar program, to support building upkeep and maintenance, signage, and façade improvements for Grand Avenue and Linden Avenue businesses.

Policy SA-5.3: Enhance Downtown streetscapes.

Improve the streetscape along Grand Avenue and Linden Avenue by incorporating outdoor seating, lighting, street trees, and other street furniture through the adoption of design guidelines.

Policy SA-5.4: Improve Downtown signage.

Improve connections from Downtown to East of 101, the Caltrain Station, and Colma Creek by adding directional signage and improving signage and other street amenities.