Goal SA-4

Goal SA-4:

New opportunities are created to live Downtown and to protect existing residents against threats of displacement.


To give all people – current and future – opportunities to live and remain in Downtown.

Policy SA-4.1: Preserve existing affordable housing.

Protect existing residents from displacement by preserving existing affordable housing, increasing assistance for renters, and exploring homeownership models.

  • Action SA-4.1.1: Homeownership expansion.

    Evaluate potential for community land trusts and/or other shared equity homeownership models to expand homeownership Downtown.

Policy SA-4.2: Leverage publicly-owned land Downtown.

Leverage South San Francisco’s inventory of publicly-owned land Downtown to support housing affordability.

Policy SA-4.3: Encourage moderate density housing types.

Encourage development of moderate density housing types to increase the supply and diversity of housing Downtown.