Goal SA-35

Goal SA-35:

Streetscapes are improved and connections are made to the wider South San Francisco community and create more public open spaces and gathering spaces for the benefit of the community.

Policy SA-35.1: Improve connections to Civic Center Campus.

Foster pedestrian and bicycle connections to the Civic Center Campus so Sunshine Gardens residents can conveniently access the Library, theater, community facilities, and open space to be developed on the site.

Policy SA-35.2: Identify streetscape improvement opportunities.

Identify streetscape improvement opportunities between Sunshine Gardens and regional hubs including BART and Kaiser medical campus.

  • Action SA-35.2.1: Implement designated bicycle lane on Mission Road.

    Consider the feasibility of creating two designated bike lanes along Mission Road between McLellan Road and Chestnut Ave.

Policy SA-35.3: Improve crossings near the South San Francisco BART station.

Improve safety of bicycle and pedestrian crossings near the South San Francisco BART Station and El Camino High School by incorporating bulb-outs and improving the visibility of crossings.

Policy SA-35.4: Collaborate with SSFUSD to provide access to SSFUSD sites recreational facilities.

Collaborate more closely with the South San Francisco Unified School District to make recreational facilities at El Camino High and Sunshine Gardens Elementary School more accessible to the community.

Policy SA-35.5: Support commercial cbilding upkeep.

Develop a mechanism to support building upkeep and maintenance, signage, and façade improvements for businesses on Mission Road.

Policy SA-35.6: Monitor vacant and underutilized site conversion.

Monitor vacant and underutilized sites in Sunshine Gardens to consider for conversion into park facilities.