Goal SA-32

Goal SA-32:

Paradise Valley/Terrabay is a safe and walkable neighborhood with convenient access to amenities.

Policy SA-32.1: Expand parks and open space.

Expand parks and open space by evaluating opportunities along the PG&E corridor, the north face of Sign Hill, and the Terrabay Open Space.

Policy SA-32.2: Improve pedestrian connections to mixed use area.

Enhance pedestrian connections to the new mixed use commercial area near Linden Avenue and Airport Boulevard and to Downtown South San Francisco through strategies such as sidewalk bulb-outs, signage, lighting, and sidewalk improvements.

Policy SA-32.3: Regulate development on steep hillside areas.

Prohibit development on steep hillside areas in excess of 30% grade. Development of hillside sites should follow existing contours to the greatest extent possible. Grading should be kept to a minimum.

Policy SA-32.4: Improve pedestrian access to the San Bruno Mountains.

Improve pedestrian access to the San Bruno Mountains by identifying public access points.

  • Action SA-32.4.1: Coordinate with local and regional open space agencies.

    Collaborate with County of San Mateo Parks Department regarding upkeep and expansion of pedestrian facilities to connect to the San Bruno Mountains.

Policy SA-32.5: Create buffering from US-101.

Create landscaping buffers and other buffers to reduce noise, visual, and air quality impacts from US-101.

Policy SA-32.6: Beautify Peck’s subdivision.

Beautify Peck’s subdivision with trees and provide convenient connections to amenities on Linden Avenue.

Policy SA-32.7: Preserve the north side of Sign Hill.

Preserve a substantial portion of the north side of Sign Hill as public or private open space.

Policy SA-32.8: Limit development and excessive grading on the north side of Sign Hill.

Limit the amount of development allowed on the north side of Sign Hill (discretionary at one unit per acre maximum). Do not permit excessive grading of this portion of the hill or clustering of development in the future.