Goal SA-3

Goal SA-3:

The City promotes new residential, mixed use, and employment uses to add business patrons and residents to create a sustainable and thriving Downtown, while maintaining a scale and character that is complementary to existing uses.


To diversify land uses to be mutually beneficial to residents and businesses.

Policy SA-3.1: Implement the Downtown Station Area Specific Plan.

Continue to implement the Downtown Station Area Specific Plan and update as necessary.

  • Action SA-3.1.1: Engage with community on Downtown growth.

    Engage with the Downtown community to understand priorities and desired benefits resulting from Downtown growth.

Policy SA-3.2: Create mixed use neighborhood centered along Colma Creek.

Create a new mixed use residential neighborhood centered along Colma Creek within a short walk of Downtown amenities and services that provides a range of housing types for all income levels and household groups.

Policy SA-3.3: Balance parking needs and impacts Downtown.

Balance the need for parking to support a thriving Downtown with the need to minimize the impacts of parking upon a vibrant pedestrian, bicycle, and transit-oriented neighborhood. 

Policy SA-3.4: Focus housing growth Downtown.

Focus housing growth Downtown around the Caltrain Station and along Airport Boulevard.

Policy SA-3.5: Encourage Downtown parcel aggregation.

Encourage flexibility in allowing developers to aggregate parcels.