Goal SA-28

Goal SA-28:

High-quality, transit-oriented employment uses adjacent to the San Bruno BART Station.


To implement the goals and development vision of the Southline Specific Plan, creating an integrated commercial campus with high-quality development and infrastructure improvements

Policy SA-28.1: Establish transit-oriented commercial campus.

Establish a commercial campus development with sophisticated, unified architectural and landscape design and site planning, resulting in a distinctive campus identity and strong sense of place.

  • Action SA-28.1.1: Create publicly accessibly open spaces.

    Create new publicly accessible open spaces including plazas, courtyards, and green spaces within the Specific Plan area for the use of employees, residents, and visitors.  

Policy SA-28.2: Provide pedestrian network connecting campus to surrounding areas and San Bruno BART Station.

Provide pedestrian network connecting campus to surrounding areas and San Bruno BART Station.

  • Action SA-28.2.1: Provide campus pedestrian network.

    Provide an extensive pedestrian network that links buildings and outdoor recreational spaces through paving, wayfinding signage, street furniture, and lighting

  • Action SA-28.2.2: Create convenient and safe pedestrian and bike access.

Policy SA-28.3: Redevelop underutilized parcels.

Redevelop underutilized parcels within the Specific Plan area to realize the highest and best use of the land by increasing the intensity of the land uses. 

Policy SA-28.4: Require transition from adjacent residential neighborhood.

Incorporate setbacks, landscape buffers, and other site design features to create an effective transition from the Specific Plan area to the residential neighborhood south of Tanforan Avenue.

Policy SA-28.5: Require sustainable and environmentally sensitive design.

Incorporate sustainable and environmentally sensitive design and equipment, energy conservation features, water conservation measures and drought-tolerant or equivalent landscaping, and sustainable stormwater management features.