Goal SA-27

Goal SA-27:

There are safe, comfortable, and accessible pedestrian and bicycle facilities that connect people to Downtown, El Camino, and East of 101. 


To foster pedestrian and bicycle connectivity from Lindenville to Downtown, El Camino Real, and East of 101. 

Policy SA-27.1: Provide connections to and across Colma Creek.

Provide connections from the High Density Mixed Use Neighborhood to Colma Creek and across Colma Creek to Downtown South San Francisco.

  • Action SA-27.1.1: Develop a park near Colma Creek.

    Develop a park to serve Lindenville and Downtown residents near Colma Creek.

Policy SA-27.2: Incorporate street trees, lighting, and landscaping.

Incorporate street trees, lighting, and landscaping along roadways, prioritizing South Spruce Avenue, Linden Avenue, and Victory Avenue.

Policy SA-27.3: Improve sidewalk conditions and amenities.

Improve sidewalk conditions, signage lighting, and street furniture along Tanforan Avenue, Colma Creek, San Mateo Avenue, and connections to Colma Creek and the Centennial Way Trail. 

  • Action SA-27.3.1: Establish design and development standards for frontage.

    Establish design and development standards for frontage along Lindenville streets.

  • Action SA-27.3.2: Prepare and implement streetscape improvement plan:

    Prepare and implement a streetscape improvement plan for South Linden and South Spruce Avenues that recognizes the streets’ role as a connector between the San Bruno BART station and Downtown. 

Policy SA-27.4: Develop new roadway connections to better connect people to and within Lindenville.
  • Action SA-27.4.1: Study potential roadway connections.

    Study the following potential roadway connections in Lindenville:

    • Spruce Avenue, S. Maple Avenue, and S. Linden Avenue using the access road behind 245 South Spruce Avenue
    • Extension from South Airport Boulevard to San Mateo Avenue with connection to Produce Avenue
  • Action SA-27.4.2: Support implementation of the new east-west roadway connection.

    Support implementation of the new east-west roadway connection between Sneath Lane and S. Linden Avenue, that is included and analyzed in the Southline Specific Plan.