Goal SA-26

Goal SA-26:

Industries, artists, institutions, and programs that spur the creative economy are supported.


To spur creative industries and the creative economy. 

Policy SA-26.1: Create an arts and cultural district.

Explore an Arts and Cultural District in Downtown and Lindenville to support artists and creative businesses. 

Policy SA-26.2: Incentivize makers and artists.

Incentivize growth of commercial spaces suitable and affordable for makers and artists through development requirements and community benefits.

Policy SA-26.3: Encourage affordable art spaces.

Actively encourage affordable arts spaces through use classifications in the zoning code and streamlined permitting.

Policy SA-26.4: Encourage live/work industrial uses.

Encourage live/work industrial uses in a buffer area between the High Density Mixed Use neighborhood along Colma Creek and existing industrial uses to the south of Victory Avenue. 

Policy SA-26.5: Encourage lot assembly.

Encourage lot assembly to allow businesses to grow and expand in Lindenville.