Goal SA-25

Goal SA-25:

A core area of light industrial and service uses that provide jobs for South San Francisco residents are preserved.


Preserve South San Francisco’s “industrial city” heritage and provide employment opportunities that match skillsets of local residents.

Policy SA-25.1: Minimize land use compatibility conflicts.

Minimize land use compatibility conflicts that discourage attraction and retention of production, distribution, and service and repair businesses in areas zoned for industrial use.

Policy SA-25.2: Continue to recognize the Golden Gate Produce Terminal as a legacy use.

Recognize the Golden Gate Produce Terminal as a legacy use; permit it as a conforming use, allowing for expansion and contraction as necessary. If in the future the Golden Gate Produce Terminal stops operation at this site, require any new uses or new development of the site to be in conformance with the Mixed Industrial High Designation.

Policy SA-25.3: Buffer residential neighborhoods from industrial uses .

Buffer heavy industrial uses and light industrial uses, such as general services, light manufacturing, and storage uses from residential neighborhoods.

Policy SA-25.4: Preserve the existing “core” of industrial land uses.

Preserve the existing “core” of industrial land uses south of Victory Avenue.

Policy SA-25.5: Retain industrial uses.

Within the Mixed Industrial High area, ensure that a full range of industrial uses continue to be permitted as conforming uses and limit non-industrial uses.

Policy SA-25.6: Adjust parking requirements for industrial uses.

Adjust zoning and parking requirements as necessary to ensure reinvestment can occur in buildings while maintaining industrial uses.