Goal SA-24

Goal SA-24:

Colma Creek is transformed and new open spaces are created to provide opportunities for social interaction, recreation, flood protection, and urban ecology.


To create a vibrant, walkable Colma Creek that is usable by everyone in South San Francisco.

Policy SA-24.1: Transform Colma Creek into a walkable amenity.

Transform Colma Creek into a walkable amenity for all users by improving sidewalk conditions and incorporating lighting, public art, street furniture, street trees, and landscaping.

Policy SA-24.2: Create development standards for construction adjacent to Colma Creeks.

Maintain standards and guidelines for new construction within 150 feet of the inner edge of the Colma Creek canal. This includes: 

  • Requiring no net new impervious areas.
  • Maintaining (or increasing) building setbacks to support habitat areas.
  • Encouraging new construction to construct bioswales or similar features to treat runoff before it enters the creek:
  • Using a planting palette consisting of native species and species that provide valuable resources for native wildlife.
Policy SA-24.3: Promote high-quality building design.

Promote high-quality building design along Colma Creek.