Goal SA-23

Goal SA-23:

Living, working, and shopping options are expanded in new mixed use neighborhoods in Lindenville.


To provide Lindenville residents and employees options to live, shop, dine, and work in the neighborhood.

Policy SA-23.1: Create active mixed use corridor along South Spruce Avenue.

Create an active mixed use corridor along South Spruce Avenue with retail, housing opportunities, gathering spaces, and amenities.

Policy SA-23.2: Encourage active ground floor uses.

Encourage active ground floor uses along South Spruce Avenue in order to foster pedestrian activity along the corridor.

Policy SA-23.3: Improve the South Spruce Avenue streetscape.

Improve the streetscape along South Spruce Avenue by incorporating seating, lighting, street trees, and other street furniture through the adoption of design guidelines.

Policy SA-23.4: Encourage South Spruce Avenue building continuity.

Encourage building continuity along the South Spruce corridor, with buildings oriented to the street, landscaping, and parking located behind buildings.

Policy SA-23.5: Support retail and dining opportunities in Lindenville.

Support retail and dining opportunities to serve employees and future residents in Lindenville.

Policy SA-23.6: Provide convenient connections to amenities and services.

Provide convenient connections to the node of amenities and services at El Camino Real and South Spruce Avenue.