Goal SA-2

Goal SA-2:

The history and culture of Downtown and its residents are celebrated through arts and cultural resources.


To support arts and culture and create a distinct visual identity Downtown.

Policy SA-2.1: Strengthen Downtown identity.

Strengthen Downtown’s identity as a center for arts and culture in South San Francisco.

  • Action SA-2.1.1: Establish arts and cultural district.

    Explore establishing an Arts and Cultural District in Downtown and Lindenville to support artists and creative businesses. 

  • Action SA-2.1.2: Incentivize artist and makers spaces.

    Incentivize growth of commercial spaces suitable and affordable for makers and artists through development requirements and community benefits.

  • Action SA-2.1.3: Downtown marketing and branding.

    Strengthen Downtown’s cultural identity by marketing and branding art, public spaces, wayfinding signage, community markers, and other informational signage in culturally-relevant ways.

  • Action SA-2.1.4: Develop Downtown Gateways:

    Develop design elements and gateways that celebrate Downtown’s unique arts and cultural identity.

  • Action SA-2.1.5: Encourage community events and programming.

    Encourage community events and programming Downtown, including youth activities and opportunities for cultural programming.

Policy SA-2.2: Protect historic buildings.

Protect historic buildings and the local building fabric in the Downtown through adaptive reuse and other strategies.