Goal SA-19

Goal SA-19:

Vehicle trips are minimized through parking requirements, Transportation Demand Management, and alternative travel modes.


To reduce reliance on automobiles in East of 101.

Policy SA-19.1: Evaluate a Transportation Management Authority (TMA).

Evaluate development of a Transportation Management Authority (TMA) or other district governance.

Policy SA-19.2: Explore a vehicle trip cap for East of 101.

Explore a vehicle trip cap for East of 101.

Policy SA-19.3: Integrate emerging transit services into East of 101.

Explore opportunities to integrate emerging, high-quality transit services into East of 101.

Policy SA-19.4: Implement mobility hubs.

Evaluate implementation of “mobility hubs,” which are places where different travel networks (including walking, biking, transit, and shared mobility) meet and provide convenient connections to destinations at the Caltrain Station, South San Francisco BART Station, and the South San Francisco Ferry Terminal.

Policy SA-19.5: Study parking strategies.

Study potential parking strategies for East of 101, including parking maximums, parking fees, and shared parking.

Policy SA-19.6: Develop employee-serving amenities.

Encourage the development of employee-serving amenities with restaurants, cafes, support commercial establishments such as dry-cleaners, to meet the needs of the employees in the East of 101 area. Allow such amenities to be excluded from Floor Area Calculations.