Goal SA-18

Goal SA-18:

A well-connected and accessible district with high-quality transit and walking and biking paths that seamlessly connect East of 101 with Downtown, Lindenville and the rest of the City.


To connect residents, employees, and visitors within East of 101, the rest of the city, and the region.

Policy SA-18.1: Require small block sizes for new residential neighborhoods.

Require that new residential neighborhoods near the Caltrain Station be developed with small block sizes to facilitate convenient vehicular and pedestrian connections through the neighborhood.

Policy SA-18.2: Improve sidewalk and related pedestrian amenities.

Require and finance sidewalk improvements to provide shade, street furniture, and other amenities for pedestrians to create an attractive public realm along corridors.

Policy SA-18.3: Improve pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure to the San Francisco Bay Ferry Terminal.

Improve pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure to provide convenient last mile connections to the San Francisco Bay Ferry Terminal.

Policy SA-18.4: Maintain roadway connections.

Maintain roadways within East of 101 and foster connectivity between East of 101 and the rest of South San Francisco.

  • Action SA-18.4.1: Create new connection between Lindenville and East of 101.

    Study potential for creating a roadway connection from Utah Avenue to San Mateo Avenue over US-101 to connect Lindenville with East of 101.

  • Action SA-18.4.2: Study other potential roadway connections.

    Study potential for creating the following roadway connections:

    • Utah Avenue and San Mateo Avenue, across US-101.
    • Haskins Bridge connecting Haskins Way in the north to N. Access Road to the south
    • Oyster Point Bridge connecting Oyster Point Boulevard cul-de-sac to Sierra Point Connect Gateway Boulevard to Sylvester Road and Littlefield Avenue using railroad right-of-way
    • Extend Littlefield Avenue from E. Grand Avenue to Cabot Road cul-de-sac, Forbes Boulevard, Carlton Court, and Eccles Avenue
    • Eccles Avenue and Forbes Boulevard between Rozzi Place and 560 Eccles Avenue driveway
    • Replace Poletti Way off-ramp with Grand Ramp flyover to provide direct access to Grand/Dubuque intersection for US 101/NB
    • Point San Bruno Boulevard and E. Grand Avenue dead-end
    • Connect W. Harris Avenue cul-de-sac with E. Harris Avenue and extend E. Harris Avenue to Littlefield Avenue
    • Extend Roebling Road across E. Grand Avenue to connect to new connection using railroad right-of-way
  • Action SA-18.4.3: Create roadway maintenance schedule.

    Prioritize roadway maintenance in the sub-area by developing a schedule in collaboration with Public Works. Where feasible, align this effort with new construction projects.

Policy SA-18.5: Encourage parcel assembly within Beacon Street corridor.

Encourage parcel assembly and master planning in areas designated Business Technology Park High along Beacon Street.