Goal SA-17

Goal SA-17:

Sufficient housing is built to provide for a range of housing types for different income levels and household types and that sustains services and amenities to support residents and businesses.


To provide opportunities for housing East of 101 to be all inclusive.

Policy SA-17.1: Develop affordable and market rate housing in East of 101.

Ensure a mix of affordable and market rate housing East of 101, targeting the creation of 4,800 units.

  • Action SA-17.1.1: Designate residential priority sites.

    Designate residential priority sites, which require a specific amount of future development projects be dedicated to residential land use.

  • Action SA-17.1.2: Remove parking minimums in East of 101.

    Remove parking minimums in East of 101.

  • Action SA-17.1.3: Encourage property assemblage and master planning along South Airport Boulevard.

    Encourage the assemblage of adjacent parcels by providing greater development incentives for master planned redevelopment along South Airport Boulevard than would be available for development on a parcel-by-parcel basis.

  • Action SA-17.1.4: South Airport Boulevard Specific Plan.

    Develop a Specific Plan with design guidelines for residential uses for South Airport Boulevard.

Policy SA-17.2: Leverage publicly-owned land for affordable housing.

Leverage publicly-owned land, including Caltrans-owned parcels, for future affordable housing development.

Policy SA-17.3: Incentivize housing near the Caltrain Station.

Incentivize developers to build affordable housing near the Caltrain Station via density and height bonuses beyond State-required bonuses.

Policy SA-17.4: Create standards for housing design that mitigate for air quality impacts.

For housing within 500 feet of highways and stationary sources of pollution, require design mitigation actions including:

  • Locate air intake systems for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems as far away from existing air pollution sources as possible.
  • Use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters in the HVAC system and develop a maintenance plan to ensure the filtering system is properly maintained.
  • Use only fixed windows next to any existing sources of pollution.
  • Plant landscape barriers between highways and residential areas to reduce noise and air pollution for residents.