Goal SA-16

Goal SA-16:

A new transit-oriented community in East of 101 with a diverse mix of uses, places, and programming to inspire creativity and social interaction that welcome all South San Francisco residents and visitors


To create an inclusive neighborhood where people of all incomes can live, access transit, and services and amenities.

Policy SA-16.1: Require high-density development near the Caltrain station.

Promote density and a mix of transit-oriented uses adjacent to the Caltrain Station and along South Airport Boulevard, including residential, offices, personal services, retail, recreation, and healthcare.

  • Action SA-16.1.1: Introduce shared district parking.

     Introduce shared, district parking facilities to support visitors and employees. 

Policy SA-16.2: Implement public realm improvements near the Caltrain station.

Implement public realm improvements to improve accessibility to the Caltrain Station, including signage, street trees, landscaping, street furniture, and lighting.

  • Action SA-16.2.1: Develop retail, restaurants, and vendors strategy.

    Develop a retail, restaurant, and mobile vendors strategy to support diverse populations, including residents and workers.

Policy SA-16.3: Create new parks and open spaces in East of 101.

Introduce a new, connected park and open space system that includes: 

  • A public park within a ten-minute walk to any new residential development East of 101.
  • A Colma Creek linear park featuring walking and cycling paths.
  • A recreational greenway between Airport Blvd and Littlefield Ave.
  • A recreational greenway between Forbes Blvd and Oyster Point Blvd that extends into the Genentech Master Plan Area and connects to the San Francisco Bay Trail.
  • Class I pedestrian routes that connect East of 101 with Downtown and Lindenville. 

Policy SA-16.4: Adequate public services and utilities in East of 101.

Coordinate with the South San Francisco Unified School District, utilities, and public services, including the South San Francisco Fire Department and the South San Francisco Police Department, to ensure public services and utilities can accommodate growth impacts of new development in the East of 101 area. 

Policy SA-16.5: Encourage development of hotels near the Caltrain Station.

Encourage development of hotels within walkable distance of the Caltrain Station.