Goal SA-14

Goal SA-14:

Improved pedestrian, bicycle, and roadway connections between adjacent residential neighborhoods and El Camino Real.


To ensure everyone can easily access El Camino Real and nearby neighborhoods.

Policy SA-14.1: Improve pedestrian and bicycle connections through SFPUC site.

Continue developing the SFPUC site with strong pedestrian and bicycle connections between the Sunshine Gardens sub-area and El Camino Real.

Policy SA-14.2: Improve Colma Creek connections from El Camino Real.

Improve existing and create new connections to Colma Creek from El Camino Real on public rights-of-way.

Policy SA-14.3: Improve safety of El Camino Real crossings.

Where feasible, employ median refuges, highly visible crosswalks, and flashing beacons to improve safety of El Camino Real crossings.

  • Action SA-14.3.1: Implement El Camino Real wayfinding signage

    Add wayfinding signage to improve connections to the South San Francisco BART station, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Colma Creek, and the Centennial Way Trail.

Policy SA-14.4: Improve pedestrian and bicycle connections to the Centennial Way Trail.
  • Action SA-14.4.1: Chestnut Avenue and Antoinette Lane intersection improvement.

    Provide and maintain safe and convenient pedestrian and bicycle connections, including via improved signage, lighting, and flashing beacons, along Antoinette Lane across Chestnut Avenue to link the two ends of the Centennial Way Trail.

Policy SA-14.5: Maintain roadway connectivity in El Camino Real.

Maintain roadways within El Camino Real and foster connectivity between El Camino Real and adjacent neighborhoods.

  • Action SA-14.5.1: New Roadway connection in El Camino Real in SFPUC / Kaiser area.

    Study potential to connect Sequoia Avenue and Las Flores Avenue across El Camino Real.