Goal SA-13

Goal SA-13:

A quality public realm along El Camino Real with appropriate transitions to nearby neighborhoods.


To ensure El Camino Real has an inviting, memorable public realm.

Policy SA-13.1: Support small locally-owned businesses.

Continue to provide assistance to support small locally-owned businesses in the El Camino Real corridor.

  • Action SA-13.1.1: Business support for El Camino Real businesses

    Develop a mechanism to support building upkeep and maintenance, signage, and façade improvements for El Camino Real businesses.

Policy SA-13.2: Implement El Camino Real streetscape enhancements.

Transform El Camino Real into a boulevard with streetscape enhancements, including street furniture, signage, consistent landscaping on medians, and public art that enhance the appearance of the corridor. 

Policy SA-13.3: Require sidewalk widening along El Camino Real.

Where feasible, widen sidewalks in areas with active ground floor uses and institutional uses to encourage pedestrian activity and allow for more space for seating, trees, and landscaping.

Policy SA-13.4: Require context-sensitive design.

Require development projects along El Camino Real to use architectural transitions, such as setbacks, transitions in building height, and landscaping, to adjacent residential properties.