Goal SA-1

Goal SA-1:

The City supports existing neighborhood commerce and provides opportunities to expand commercial Downtown.


To ensure Downtown retains and attracts successful commercial businesses.

Policy SA-1.1: Reinforce Downtown dining and retail.

Reinforce Downtown as a dining and retail destination for all, maintaining the cultural diversity of businesses and allowing and encouraging outdoor dining in the public right of way.

Policy SA-1.2: Support small locally-owned businesses.

Continue to provide assistance to support small locally-owned businesses and develop a mechanism to support building upkeep and maintenance, signage, and façade improvements for Downtown businesses.

Policy SA-1.3: Support community-based organizations.

Support community-based organizations in Downtown South San Francisco and directly engage with these groups during planning and development processes.

  • Action SA-1.3.1: Create space for community-based organizations.

    Study the potential to incentivize retention of commercial spaces affordable for community-based organizations through development requirements.