Goal PR-9

Goal PR-9:

South San Francisco maintains quality childcare and preschool programs citywide.


To enhance the quality of childcare and preschool and to expand (City, private, and public) childcare opportunities and services throughout the city.

Policy PR-9.1: Enhance Child Care Program.

Maintain and continue to improve the City’s Childcare Program to enhance the quality of childcare and preschool in the city.

  • Action PR-9.1.1: Implement Child Care Master Plan.

    Adopt and implement the Child Care Master Plan, updating the Plan every 5-to-10 years.

Policy PR-9.2: Expand early childhood education for families of color and low-income families.

Expand high-quality early childhood education for families of color and low-income families in South San Francisco and/or establishing universal preschool.

  • Action PR-9.2.1: Expand funding for universal preschool.

    Continue exploring possible funding to establish and maintain universal preschool or to establish universal preschool for lower-income families.

Policy PR-9.3 Expand childcare options.

Expand availability of affordable childcare and preschool for people of all income levels, with particular emphasis on lower-income families particularly in Downtown, Westborough/Winston Serra, and the new residential area of Lyndonville.

  • Action PR-9.3.1: Update Zoning code for childcare.

    Update the Zoning Code to:

    • Allow large family care homes by right in residential units as required by Senate Bill 234 (2019).
    • Allow childcare facilities by right in all residential land use designations when located within one-quarter of a mile from public and institutional uses, e.g., schools and churches.
    • Allow child care facilities in residential neighborhoods that meet specified
      performance standards.
    • Allow childcare facilities in mixed use districts East of 101 and in Lyndonville.
    • Allow childcare facilities by right in the business technology park land use designation.
  • Action PR-9.3.2: Maintain land inventory for childcare.

    Conduct an inventory of property that may be converted or developed into public or private Early Childcare Education facilities.

  • Action PR-9.3.3: Explore parking reductions for childcare facilities.
  • Action PR-9.3.4: Provide incentives for new development to create childcare facilities.

    Provide incentives to new development to create childcare facilities as a community benefit. Encourage new development to provide on-site childcare facilities rather than paying an in-lieu fees.

  • Action PR-9.3.5: Coordinate citywide childcare programs.

    Coordinate and integrate childcare programs with existing housing, community, and social programs as described in the Child Care Master Plan.

Policy PR-9.4: Support business development for childcare.

Encourage private preschools and childcare facilities to open in South San Francisco, particularly in neighborhoods with young children, employment land uses, and neighborhoods currently underserved by preschool and childcare facilities.

  • Action PR-9.4.1: Explore grant funding for childcare.

    Explore the provision of one-time grants to Family Child Care homes for zoning permit application or to update homes to be ready for babies and toddlers, including removing penalties for those who want to legalize their Family Child Care homes.

  • Action PR-9.4.2: Maintain online portal for childcare.

    Maintain an online portal and resources for childcare business development.

Policy PR-9.5: Advocate for Childcare.

Advocate in support of state and federal funding and programs that subsidize or expand early childhood education.

Policy PR-9.6: Partner with San Mateo County and other organizations to provide quality childcare and preschool services.

Partner with San Mateo County and other local and regional organizations to provide high-provide quality childcare and preschool services to South San Francisco residents and workers.

For related policies and implementation actions related to recreational programing and equity, see Goals PR-1 and PR-8.  For policies related to funding, see Goal PR-11.