Goal PR-8

Goal PR-8:

Parks and recreational facilities have the appropriate staffing to offer high-quality recreational programs and offerings for residents of all ages.


To expand programming capacity to effectively serve South San Francisco’s diverse community.

Policy PR-8.1: Meet Recreational Services Program staffing target.

Strive to achieve a ratio of 15 full time and part time recreation program staff per 10,000 residents. Maintain staffing quality control and long-term expertise.

Policy PR-8.2: Provide varied recreational programming.

Provide a variety of programming to ensure all residents have the opportunity to live healthy, active, and social lifestyles, including aquatics, fitness, library programs and events, and technology and innovation.

Policy PR-8.3: Maximize class offerings.

Maximize successful class offerings by increasing class size limits or offering more sessions/times.

Policy PR-8.4: Provide cultural diversity in program offerings.

Recognize the city’s diverse cultural influences and incorporate them into space planning and programming.

Policy PR-8.5: Provide multigenerational spaces.

Continue to enhance multi-generational use of existing facilities that supports a variety of programing needs.

Policy PR-8.6: Expand performing arts programs and facilities.

Continue to provide facilities and service offerings to support South San Francisco’s thriving performing arts community.

Policy PR-8.7: Expand environmental stewardship programs.

Recognize the unique ecological resources in the city through expanded recreational programing about ecology and environmental stewardship.

Policy PR-8.8: Connect services through shuttles.

Continue to provide and expand when feasible connections to parks, open spaces, public services, and programming by expanding the South City Shuttle service and the City’s van program for medically frail older adults or by bringing “pop-up” services to neighborhoods underserved by public facilities, services, and programs.

Policy PR-8.9: Provide youth skill-building opportunities.

Explore skill-building opportunities and programs that involve young people in parks and recreational service development and maintenance.

Policy PR-8.10: Involve youth in enrichment programs.

Ensure that City-run enrichment programs promote racial and social equity by ensuring that young people—and especially youth of color and youth from other historically disenfranchised communities—are involved in (and ideally leading) City-run enrichment programs.

  • Action PR-8.10.1: Identify and pilot enrichment programs.

    Identify and pilot new ways to engage young people and their families who have not previously participated in City-run enrichment programming – and use these efforts to identify common reasons youth and families have not participated in these community resources.

  • Action PR-8.10.2: Target locations for enrichment programs.

    Use targeted locations and coordinate with existing programs/organizations to strengthen/expand youth development opportunities specifically for youth of color and youth from historically disenfranchised communities.

Policy PR-8.11: Explore Park Stewardship.

Explore creating a program to train and hire SSF residents for maintenance and stewardship of open spaces.

Policy PR-8.12: Explore an adopt the park program.

Explore creation of an adopt a park program with businesses and community-based organizations.

For related policies and implementation actions related to recreational programs for childcare and preschool and older adults and seniors, see Goals PR-8 and PR-9. For related policies and implementation actions related to recreational programing and equity, see Goal PR-1. For related policies and implementation actions related to recreational facility maintenance and expansion, see Goal PR-7.