Goal PR-7

Goal PR-7:

South San Francisco provides well-maintained and sustainable parks and recreational facilities to meet the needs of current and future residents.


To ensure that the community is provided with excellent park and recreational facilities that meet its diverse needs and interests.

Policy PR-7.1: Meet park and facility maintenance staffing targets.

Strive to achieve a ratio of 0.75 full time and part time maintenance staff per 10 acres. Maintain staffing quality control and long-term expertise.

Policy: PR-7.2: Maintain park and recreation facilities.

Fund adequate resources to maintain existing and future parks and recreational facilities to extend their useful lifetimes.

Policy PR-7.3: Maintain park amenities.

Maintain high quality amenities for active and passive recreational use in parks, including playgrounds, fields, and sport courts, and suitability of use by younger children, including childcare provider groups.

Policy PR-7.4: Upgrade playgrounds.

Continue to renovate existing playgrounds to update play features and add play elements to existing open spaces where feasible.

Policy PR-7.5: Redesign underused parks.

Continue to redesign underused parks to update programming to attract more users where feasible.

Policy PR-7.6: Modernize aquatics facilities.

Seek opportunities to replace and expand the indoor pool at Orange Park to continue to provide benefits from aquatics programming.

  • Action PR-7.6.1: Complete pool design and financing studies.

    Move forward with design and financing studies for a new pool.

Policy PR-7.7: Incorporate public art in parks and open spaces.

Incorporate permanent and temporary public art, including from local artists, throughout parks and seek opportunities to implement the Public Art Master Plan in parks.

  • Action PR-7.7.1: Adopt Public Art Master Plan.

    Adopt and implement the Public Art Master Plan, updating the Master Plan every 5-to-10 years.

  • Action PR-7.7.2: Facilitate community engagement on public art selection.

    Establish a process to allow community input into public art selection.

  • Action PR-7.7.3: Educate community on public art.

    Produce public art educational materials for each artwork in the City’s collection and make these available to the public. Detail the locations of public art installations in materials such as walking tour guideposts, physical markers, web-based maps, or podcasts.

  • Action PR-7.7.4: Support community-based creation of public art.

    Develop and coordinate community-based efforts to create public art pieces.

Policy PR-7.8: Integrate sustainable landscape strategies.

Integrate sustainability strategies into City‐owned landscapes to expand tree canopy, improve water quality, reduce the need to irrigate landscapes, and lower water costs. This includes green infrastructure and stormwater capture, drought resistant plants, native plants, and the use of recycled water for irrigation.

Policy PR-7.9: Ensure lighting and visibility in parks.

Ensure parks are safe by providing lighting, orienting building facades towards parks, incorporating wayfinding signage, and providing clear lines of sight.

Policy PR-7.10: Provide historical education in parks.

Add plaques, signage, and public art that celebrates South San Francisco’s history and culture in parks.

Policy PR-7.11: Install electric vehicle parking at City parks and facilities.

Install electric vehicle charging infrastructure at City-owned parks and facilities.

Policy PR-7.12: Consider health-related outcomes of park interventions.

When planning for new and upgraded park facilities and amenities, consider the health-related outcomes of park interventions in the decision-making process.

For related policies and implementation actions related to open space management and ecology, see Goal ES-1.
For related policies and implementation actions related to building and facility maintenance, see Goal ECS-3 and CP-5.