Goal PR-6

Goal PR-6:

The City provides convenient and safe trails and other pedestrian connections throughout the community.


To ensure the community has access to safe and reliable pedestrian and bicycle connections to promote physical activity and to increase access to parks and open space.

Policy PR-6.1: Maintain and expand trail connectivity.

Maintain and expand an interconnected network of trails, greenways, and active transportation.

  • Action PR-6.1.1: Create Colma Creek trail.

    Create a trail along Colma Creek from the Bay Trail to Orange Memorial Park, incorporating lighting, public art, and native and high-value landscaping.

  • Action PR-6.1.2: Implement active transportation improvements to parks and open space.

    Implement new active transportation connections to the Centennial Way Trail, Colma Creek, and the San Francisco Bay Trail.

  • Action PR-6.1.3: Implement Centennial Trail Vision Plan.

    Implement the Centennial Trail Vision Plan. Seek opportunities to create more mid-block access to Centennial Way trail.

  • Action PR-6.1.4: Develop Pacific Gas and Electric and Union Pacific trails.

    Partner with Pacific Gas & Electric and Union Pacific to reuse utility corridors and rail rights-of-way as trails.

  • Action PR-6.1.5: Require new development to link to trails.

    Require new development to tie into the park and trail system by providing linkages to existing parks or dedicating new park land or trail easements.

Policy PR-6.2: Connect parks to trails.

When possible, connect parks, recreational facilities, and open spaces to the trail network and Class 1 bicycle connections identified in the Active South City Plan.

Policy PR-6.3: Improve access to San Bruno Mountain State and County Park.

Improve accessibility to San Bruno Mountain State and County Park from Hillside Boulevard by removing fencing, improving signage, and allowing visitors to park at Hillside Elementary during weekends.

Policy PR-6.4: Provide sidewalk, trail, and transit links to parks.

Provide complete sidewalk networks to serve local parks. Improve the usefulness of transit as a way of getting to parks. Expand tree canopy cover to increase environmental benefits.

Policy PR-6.5: Improve trail amenities and safety.

Ensure trails have seating, shade, signage, stroller trails, and other amenities. Improve trail safety with appropriate lighting and better pedestrian and bicycle access.

Policy PR-6.6: Ensure visibility along Centennial Way Trail.

Work with developers and property owners facing the Centennial Way Trail and Colma Creek to ensure trails are unimpeded and well-maintained and there are clear sight lines along trails.

Policy PR-6.7: Ensure visibility along the Bay Trail.

Work with developers and property owners facing the San Francisco Bay Trail to ensure that the trail is unimpeded, well-maintained and that there are clear sight lines along trails.

Policy PR-6.8: Provide educational signage about biological resources.

In coordination with San Mateo County and other partners, incorporate interpretive signage along Colma Creek, the Bay Trail and in other open spaces that educate community members and visitors about the unique biological resources in South San Francisco.

For related policies and implementation actions related to the Bay Trail and climate change, see Goal CR-2. For related policies and implementation actions related to urban forestry and tree planting, see Goal ES-4.