Goal PR-5

Goal PR-5:

Downtown has improved access to parks, gathering spaces, and public amenities.


To increase the availability and accessibility of public, open spaces in Downtown. To remedy the environmental burdens and lack of green/open space within Downtown.

Policy PR-5.1: Create downtown network of parks.

Building on the Cypress & Pine Playlot, City Hall Tot Lot, and City Hall open space, create a network of mini parks, green streets, plazas, and other public open spaces Downtown and develop a clearly marked system of walkways to connect these spaces.

  • Action PR-5.1.1: Fund Downtown pop-up parks.

    Establish and fund a Downtown pop-up park program as a temporary measure until new parks are opened. Encourage local food and art vendors, e.g., “Off the Grid”.

  • Action PR-5.1.2: Designate new Downtown park site.

    Designate a site for a new neighborhood park adjacent to Downtown on the block bounded by Railroad Avenue, Spruce Avenue, Colma Creek, and Linden Avenue and require parkland dedication.

  • Action PR-5.1.3: Study City Hall park space opportunities.

    Study opportunities to expand active park space on the City Hall property.

Policy PR-5.2: Expand Downtown park acquisition opportunities.

Seek opportunities to acquire property, including former Redevelopment Agency sites, utility rights-of-way, and other vacant and underutilized properties to convert into parkland in Downtown.

Policy PR-5.3: Partner with private developers to facilitate community gathering spaces in Downtown.

Work with development projects in Downtown to provide community gathering spaces and/or publicly accessible private maintained open space as part of a development agreement, memorandum of understanding, or similar legally binding agreement with the City. Work with the property owner to provide arts and recreation services in community spaces. Ensure spaces match the needs of residents, as described in PR-1.7 and PR-1.8.

Policy PR-5.4: Develop Downtown pedestrian corridors.

Encourage property owners to beautify alleys, corridors, and passages between buildings to create a safe and distinct environment for pedestrians and to better connect people to Downtown’s gathering spaces, historic resources, public art, and public facilities.

Policy PR-5.5: Upgrade park amenities and playgrounds.

Continue to renovate existing playgrounds to update play features, add trees, and add new amenities where feasible.