Goal PR-4

Goal PR-4:

The City collaborates with a strong network of partners to improve and expand park and recreational opportunities across South San Francisco.


To increase the availability and accessibility of recreational opportunities through joint use, development agreements, and other arrangement with public agency partners, private entities, and volunteer groups.

Policy PR-4.1: Maintain joint use facilities standard.

To complement and extend City park and recreational service delivery, maintain a service target of 1.0 acres of joint use facilities per 1,000 residents.

Policy PR-4.2: Coordinate with South San Francisco Unified School District on facility access.

Work closely with South San Francisco Unified School District to improve community access to school facilities, including pools, athletic fields and playgrounds, outside of school hours to improve neighborhood access to recreational facilities, to expand after-school and summer programs, and to strengthen the relationship between schools and their immediate neighborhoods. Establish procedures for the creation of joint-sites, including the division of maintenance responsibility.

  • Action PR-4.2.1: Establish Sunshine Gardens Shared use agreement.

    Establish a partnership with the South San Francisco Unified School District to provide access to Sunshine Gardens Elementary School open space areas and playground.

  • Action PR-4.2.2: Provide recreational programing in joint use facilities.

    Coordinate with the South San Francisco Unified School District and San Mateo County Health Department, as well as local health providers and other community organizations, to provide recreational programming not offered in nearby public parks or recreation centers, such as after-school fitness and education programs.

  • Action PR-4.2.3: Expand afterschool and summer childcare.

    Continue to work with the South San Francisco Unified School District to expand after-school and summer childcare.

Policy PR-4.3: Partner with school district to transform former school sites.

Partner with South San Francisco Unified School District to support the conversion of former school sites like Foxridge and Serra Vista to park space, childcare facilities, and multifamily housing.

Policy PR-4.4: Maintain Caltrain plaza joint use agreement.

Maintain a joint use agreement with Caltrain for public access at the Downtown Plaza / westside entry to the Caltrain Station. Work with neighboring property owners to maintain the site.

Policy PR-4.5: Maintain Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) joint use agreement.

Maintain a joint use agreement with Bay Area Rapid Transit for public access along the Centennial Way Trail as well as improved parkland.

Policy PR-4.6: Convert public easements.

Work with other agencies, including Pacific Gas & Electric, the California Water Service, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, and to convert public easements, such as utility corridors or unused rights of way, into parks and trails.

Policy PR-4.7: Provide publicly accessible, private open space.

Work with non-residential development projects in the East of 101, Lindenville, and El Camino sub-areas to provide publicly accessible private maintained open space as part of a developer agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, or similar legally binding agreement with the city. Establish standards for private parks so that their quality is on par with public parks. Require the identification of an entity responsible for park maintenance, adoption of maintenance standards and guarantees of a funding source for long-term maintenance.

Policy PR-4.8: Support non-profit partnerships for park maintenance and programing.

Streamline internal processes to encourage partnerships with other agencies, volunteer groups, and nonprofit groups. Partner with non-profit organizations for park and trail maintenance, funding, and programming.