Goal PR-3

Goal PR-3:

South San Francisco maintains a network of open spaces that provide recreational opportunities and are managed to encourage healthy ecosystems, improve air and water quality, and adapt to a changing climate.


To increase the availability and connectedness of open spaces in the city and to leverage City-owned and maintained properties and resources to improve the ecological performance of all open spaces.

Policy PR-3.1: Meet open space standard:

Maintain a network of open spaces that achieves a standard of 1.5 acres of open space per 1,000 residents, preserving and seeking opportunities to expand open spaces areas like Sign Hill, along the San Francisco Bay and Colma Creek, and in other areas identified on Figure XX, while ensuring open spaces are accessible to people of all ages and abilities and support urban ecology.

Policy PR-3.2: Minimize environmental impact of support facilities.

Limit the construction of facilities in open space areas and design necessary improvements, such as fire roads, access roads, and parking facilities, to minimize environmental impacts and maintain the visual qualities of the open space.

Policy PR-3.3: Create new public access points to open spaces.

Seek opportunities to create new public access points to Sign Hill, San Bruno Mountain State and County Park, and the San Francisco Bay Trail and parks.

For related policies and implementation actions related to open space, open space management, and ecology, see Goal ES-1, ES-2, ES-3, and ES-5.