Goal PR-2

Goal PR-2:

The city has an expanded network of improved parkland to accommodate the physical and social needs of users of all ages and abilities.


To increase the availability and connectedness of parks and gathering spaces in all neighborhoods of the city.

Policy PR-2.1: Meet improved parkland standard.

Maintain an interconnected system of community, neighborhood, mini, linear, and special use parks that achieves a standard of 3.0 acres of improved parkland per 1,000 residents.

  • Action PR-2.1.1: Adopt and implement Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

    Adopt and implement the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, updating the Plan every 5-to-10 years. Develop the proposed parks identified in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Include new categories in parks classification system: San Mateo County-owned park trailheads, SSFUSD properties the public can access per joint use agreements, and privately-owned public open spaces, among others.

  • Action PR-2.1.2: Complete update of the Orange Memorial Park Master Plan.
Policy PR-2.2: Use underutilized sites for improved parks.

Add improved parkland by improving existing underused sites, such as surface parking lots, to create new green space, recreation, and gathering areas in the parks system. Consider using sites as temporary / pop-up parks to meet near term needs.

Policy PR-2.3: Foster innovative park types.

Foster innovative park spaces to activate spaces and to meet the City’s existing and future recreation needs.

Policy PR-2.4: Determine alternative temporary park locations.

Determine potential locations for temporary park facilities, such as street-ends, single blocks, parking lots, and create pilot programs at these locations to test the closure in a temporary way.

Policy PR-2.5: Develop community gardens.

Develop community gardens in parks throughout the city, particularly in neighborhoods without convenient access to healthy food, like Downtown, Paradise Valley/Terrabay, Sign Hill, Sunshine Gardens, Westborough, and Winston Serra.

Policy PR-2.6: Plan for new parks in East of 101 and Lindenville.

Ensure new residential mixed-use neighborhoods in East of 101 and Lindenville plan for a well connected network of parks and open space. See the Lindenville Specific Plan for more information about proposed parks in Lindenville.