Goal PR-11

Goal PR-11:

South San Francisco maintains an equitable, flexible, and sustainable funding approach to maintain park and recreational standards for existing and future residents.


To create a sustainable funding approach from a diversity for sources.

Policy PR-11.1: Diversify park funding.

Provide reliable and diversified funding for park development, capital improvement, maintenance, and operations. Pursue all opportunities, including use of the general fund, donations, conservation easements, inheritance trusts, naming rights, community facilities district, lighting and landscape districts, and developer incentives.

Policy PR-11.2: Reduce long term operations and maintenance costs.

Identify ways to reduce the City’s long-term operations and maintenance costs, such as adapting more energy efficient technologies for park and recreation facilities, using low water landscape palettes and recycled water for irrigation, or exploring the use of artificial turf, alternative materials and other types of ground cover that do not require heavy maintenance or frequent mowing.

Policy PR-11.3: Regularly review developer impact fees.

Regularly review (at least every 3 years) and adjust park, recreation, and childcare impact fees to work towards the City’s service standard, and to account for the changing cost of land, facilities, and equipment. Consider fees by geographic area in the city to account for different land costs. Explore annual fees for city maintenance.

Policy PR-11.4: Seek grant funding to help fund capital projects.

Continue to seek grant funding to help fund capital projects.

Policy PR-11.5: Explore bond funding.

Explore opportunities for bond measures to fund maintenance, park operations, and park and recreational amenity investments.

Policy PR-11.6: Provide publicly accessible private open space.

Work with project developers and property owners to construct and maintain improved parkland to serve new development through development regulations and development agreements.

Policy PR-11.7: Explore alternative funding sources.

Study potential for using parcel taxes or developing community facilities districts to fund facility development and maintenance.

Policy PR-11.8: Explore allowing limited economic activity in public spaces.

Lease parts of public spaces, parks and select sidewalks to private businesses and non-profit organizations to activate the space with programs and activities, such as small product vendors, bike rental, community garden plots, exercise programs, and larger events and festivals.

Policy PR-11.9: Combined State, local, and federal childcare funds.

Ensure that State, local, and federal childcare funds are maximized, secured, and braided for the benefit of South San Francisco families accessing child care.

Policy PR-11.10: Explore maintenance funding opportunities

Explore new and innovative opportunities to fund park and recreational maintenance and operations.