Goal PR-10

Goal PR-10:

South San Francisco provides engaging and convenient programming and services for older adults.


To ensure older adults throughout the city have easy access to the recreational and education opportunities they need.

Policy PR-10.1: Expand senior services program.

Seek opportunities to expand the wide range of older adult and senior services provided by the City, including recreation, education, and social programs, health screenings, and other enrichment opportunities. 

Policy PR-10.2: Maintain Adult Day Care program.

Continue to operate an Adult Day Care program to provide socialization, enrichment, and exercise activities to frail and/or impaired older adults with disabilities. 

Policy PR-10.3: Partner with San Mateo County to extend senior services.

Continue to collaborate with San Mateo County and other outside entities to expand the reach of senior services, such as the Great Plates Delivered Program.

Policy PR-10.4: Provide shuttle and van service to senior services.

Continue to provide and expand when feasible connections to older adult and senior services by maintaining service to Roberta Cerri Teglia Center and seeking opportunities to expand the South City Shuttle service and the City’s van program for medically frail older adults.

Policy PR-10.5: Publish Senior Connections Newsletter.

Continue to publish the Senior Connections Newsletter free to South San Francisco seniors. 

For related more general policies and implementation actions related to recreational programming, see Goal PR-8.