Goal PE-8

Goal PE-8:

South San Francisco provides a business climate that supports the success of local entrepreneurs and existing small, local, minority-owned, and culturally diverse businesses.


To ensure South San Francisco’s small, local, minority-owned, and culturally diverse businesses can achieve success by removing barriers to opportunity and providing culturally appropriate technical resources and training for entrepreneurs.

Policy PE-8.1: Maintain and implement new funding mechanisms to address the impacts of development and support infrastructure needs.
  • Action PE-8.1.1: Periodically update impact fees.

    Periodically update the City’s impact fee schedule to reflect changing development conditions and supportable fee levels. 

  • Action PE-8.1.2: Establish district-based financing tools.

    Explore establishing community facilities districts and other district-based financing mechanisms East of 101 and in other rapidly growing areas to ensure that new development adequately covers the costs of new infrastructure and facilities needs.

Policy PE-8.2: Explore equitable services spending.

As operating revenues increase in response to citywide growth, explore how these revenues can be equitably deployed to meet the needs of residents. 

Policy PE-8.3: Establish community benefits contributions.

Establish and maintain mechanisms for businesses seeking adjustments to base zoning and density standards to provide voluntary community benefits.

  • Action PE-8.3.1: Maintain and expand density bonus incentive program.

    As appropriate, maintain and expand the City’s existing density bonus incentive program for commercial properties.