Goal PE-7

Goal PE-7:

South San Francisco provides a business climate that supports the success of local entrepreneurs and existing small, local, minority-owned, and culturally diverse businesses.


To ensure South San Francisco’s small, local, minority-owned, and culturally diverse businesses can achieve success by removing barriers to opportunity and providing culturally appropriate technical resources and training for entrepreneurs.

Policy PE-7.1: Provide technical assistance information to small businesses.

Provide information to small businesses about technical assistance programs available through the City and partners such as the San Mateo Small Business Development Center.

  • Action PE-7.1.1: Disseminate resources.

    Introduce available resources through all contacts with businesses. Examine additional opportunities to broaden access to information about these resources, such as providing materials to all establishments receiving City business licenses.

  • Action PE-7.1.2: Provide targeted resources to home-based businesses.

    Explore providing targeted resources to home-based businesses regarding opportunities for support and for expansion into commercial and industrial spaces.

Policy PE-7.2: Explore opportunities to enhance access to capital.

Explore opportunities for developing programs that enhance access to capital for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Action PE-7.2.1: Pursue creation of a program that provides low-cost business loans.

    Explore the creation of a low-cost business loan program for local small businesses and entrepreneurs, administered and/or funded by the City of South San Francisco or outside partners.

Policy PE-7.3: Augment channels of communication with the business community.
  • Action PE-7.3.1: Increase coordination with business organizations.

    Increase cooperation and coordinate with the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, the regional ethnic chambers of commerce, and other local business groups.

  • Action PE-7.3.2: Ensure informational materials for businesses are published in multiple languages.

Policy PE-7.4: Support the retention and formation of local businesses owned by people of color and historically disenfranchised community members.
  • Action PE-7.4.1: Conduct targeted engagement.

    Conduct outreach to and share technical and other resources with these entrepreneurs through partnerships with culturally relevant organizations and via the promoters, community navigators, and the Community Resource Center.