Goal PE-6

Goal PE-6:

South San Francisco residents achieve upward mobility and equitably shared prosperity.


To support equitable access to high-quality job opportunities and positive outcomes for South San Francisco residents through education and job training partnerships with businesses, schools, and workforce development organizations, and through availability of affordable workforce housing.

Policy PE-6.1: Collaborate on workforce development programs.

Work with job training agencies and local employers and unions to implement programs to improve workforce skills, including targeting of resources to residents of color, residents with disabilities, and low-income residents.

  • Action PE-6.1.1: Determine skills needs of South San Francisco residents.

    Regularly reassess the skills needs of businesses and industries in South San Francisco, San Mateo County, and San Francisco to determine what kinds of training programs may be most beneficial for South San Francisco residents, including residents with a high school degree or partial college completion. 

  • Action PE-6.1.2: Seek funding and partnerships for workforce development programs.

    Seek out new funding streams and partnerships for workforce development programs, such as funding from federal sources and partnerships with companies located in South San Francisco and with trade unions.

  • Action PE-6.1.3: Coordinate with workforce development agencies.

    Continue working with local workforce development agencies that provide rapid re-employment services, training services, and other workforce development services as needed. 

  • Action PE-6.1.4: Provide customized local workforce training.

    Coordinate with local job training providers to ensure that programs are aligned with middle- and high-wage industries located in South San Francisco. If mismatches exist between the focus areas of countywide or regional workforce development agencies versus unique skill needs in South San Francisco, continue to pursue the creation of local customized workforce development services.

  • Action PE-6.1.5: Expand partnerships with major local employers.

    Expand partnerships with major local employers that create pathways for job training and placement for residents and students, such as Genentech’s Gene Academy, Futurelab, and other STEM initiatives.

  • Action PE-6.1.6: Support community wide efforts to provide English as a Second Language education.

Policy PE-6.2: Coordinate South San Francisco’s employment and job training efforts with local youth educational institutions.
  • Action PE-6.2.1: Develop shared work program with SSFUSD.

    Develop and maintain a shared work program and agreement with the South San Francisco Unified School District to coordinate education, employer skill needs, and on-the-job internship/training opportunities.

  • Action PE-6.2.2: Establish youth job training with local employers.

    Establish agreements with major city employers to provide job training for local youth.

  • Action PE-6.2.3: Continue City practice of providing internships and mentoring.

Policy PE-6.3: Encourage affordable housing and access to jobs.

Encourage development of income-restricted affordable housing with easy access to major employment districts in and near South San Francisco (see the Housing Element and Land Use Element).