Goal PE-4

Goal PE-4:

Infrastructure investments support job access, job growth, and address climate hazards impacting South San Francisco businesses.


To ensure that transportation and other infrastructure investments support South San Francisco’s workforce and major employment destinations by expanding accessibility and reducing the impacts of sea level rise and other hazards on industrial and commercial lands.

Policy PE-4.1: Improve regional access to quality jobs.

Support improvements to the transit and transportation network that increase access by South San Francisco residents to middle- and high-wage jobs within the city and region. Refer to the Mobility Element of the General Plan for related policies and actions.

Policy PE-4.2: Encourage growth near transit.

Encourage job and housing growth near the BART and Caltrain stations. Refer to the Mobility Element and Land Use Element of the General Plan for related actions.

Policy PE-4.3: Provide enhanced multimodal commute options.

Continue collaborating with other City departments and regional transportation agencies to provide enhanced multimodal commute options.

  • Action 4.3.1: Expand transit and active transportation alternatives.

    Maintain efforts to coordinate across departments and agencies to share business concerns about the need for expanded alternatives to automobile access to businesses, including improved bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and support for regional public transportation improvements.

Policy PE-4.4: Mitigate the risk of sea level rise.

Explore funding mechanisms to make investments to mitigate the risk of sea level rise.

  • Action 4.4.1: Partner with impacted property owners.

    Partner with impacted property owners to explore potential mitigations and funding mechanisms for mitigating the risk of sea level rise; communicate property owner responsibilities to protect their own properties.

  • Action 4.4.2: Regional collaboration.

    Monitor and join (as appropriate) regional/state efforts to fund and address mitigations for the impacts of climate change and sea level rise.