Goal PE-1

Goal PE-1:

South San Francisco remains a premier location for biotechnology and related industries.


To support the long-term success of the biotechnology industry in South San Francisco while also leveraging the industry’s presence in South San Francisco to attract related businesses and activities.

Policy PE-1.1: Ensure long-term viability of biotechnology.

Continue to support the long-term viability of the East of 101 area for biotechnology and related businesses.

  • Action PE-1.1.1: Monitor constraints to biotechnology and related businesses.

    Through business, broker, and developers contacts, monitor and address potential constraints to ongoing growth of biotechnology and related businesses, including zoning, land supply, transportation, and infrastructure.

Policy PE-1.2: Diversify the biotechnology and life science cluster to include related businesses.

Attraction efforts should focus on related industries that benefit from proximity to existing biotechnology businesses and/or provide complementary services to existing biotechnology businesses. Related businesses could include medical diagnostics, digital health, medical device manufacturing, testing, lab supplies, test products, venture capital firms, and legal services, financial services, and other support services. Attraction efforts should also include understanding and tracking the shift of some life science activities and businesses to the periphery of the Bay Area.

  • Action PE-1.2.2: Biotechnology outreach.

    Gauge and pursue opportunities to support attraction and retention of businesses in the broader biotechnology and life science cluster through participation in industry organizations and one-on-one contacts with businesses, developers, and real estate brokers.