Goal MOB-5

Goal MOB-5:

South San Francisco residents have easy access to play, fitness, and active transportation networks.


To reduce barriers to physical activity and improve comfort with the city’s pedestrian and bicycle networks.

Policy MOB-5.1: Expand the low-stress bike and pedestrian network.

Capitalize on opportunities to expand the low-stress bike and pedestrian network throughout the city.

  • Action MOB-5.1.1: Complete rails to trails projects.

    Leverage public-private partnerships to complete the conversion of the City’s freight rail lines to multi-use trails.

  • Action MOB-5.1.2: Develop Bikeways and slow streets.

    Grow network of low stress bikeways and Slow Streets that prioritize direct access to recreation and active transportation within the city’s residential neighborhoods.

  • Action MOB-5.1.3: Expand bicycle parking at activity centers.

    Expand bicycle parking at major activity centers throughout the city.

Policy MOB-5.2: Enhance access to the trail network.

Enhance access to Centennial Way Trail, Bay Trail, and other trail facilities through streetscape projects and new developments.